CNU Engagement Session | Newport News Wedding Photographer | Cylenthia & Sean-Michael

CNU Engagement Session

Let me just start off my saying that Cylenthia and Sean-Michael look unbelievably good together!  Have you ever seen such a gorgeous couple??  These two met their freshman year at Old Dominion University in 2010.  Cylenthia’s best friend, and bridesmaid, is the one who introduced them to one another!  The instantly clicked with one another and two months later, they started dating!

Sean-Michael loves his bride to be!  On their trip to Disney world one year, Cylenthia got sick on their last night there.  Being the loving man that he is, Sean-Michael went out and got her Chick-fil-a (her favorite!), ginger ale, soup, cookies, and medicine!  That was all waiting for her when she woke up!  How sweet and thoughtful!!  When Cylenthia shared that story with me, I immediately know that Sean-Michael was a great guy, but after seeing them interact, you can tell that they are made for each other!

For their engagement session, they wanted beautiful scenery and gorgeous architecture.  The first place that came to my mind was Christopher Newport University.  We have never shot an engagement session their before but it has quickly become one of my favorite spots!

I loved their choice of outfits!  Black, white, and grays are always my favorite colors.  The colors pop and tend to go well with any background!  As far as posing Cylenthia and her beau…that was so easy!  They nailed every pose and I enjoyed ever minute hanging out with them!

We can’t wait their wedding next year at Half Moone but in the meantime, we will swoon over their amazing engagement session!  Enjoy some of our favorites!

cnu engagement session-1.jpg
cnu engagement session-2.jpg
cnu engagement session-5.jpg
cnu engagement session-7.jpg
cnu engagement session-8.jpg
cnu engagement session-45.jpg
cnu engagement session-9.jpg
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cnu engagement session-46.jpg
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cnu engagement session-41.jpg
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cnu engagement session-44.jpg

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