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After photographing dozens of weddings each year,  I’ve learned to much about planning a successful wedding just by working with other wedding vendors.  While I believe every wedding vendor is hugely important, wedding planners take the top of the list!  Although I am a wedding photographers, I like to encourage our couples to invest in a talented wedding planner to bring their vision to life!  Here are my 5 reasons to hire a wedding planner! 

A talented wedding planner isn’t someone who is just super organized.  To me, a talented wedding planner has:

  • strong organization and planning skills
  • the ability to work with and communicate with vendors to bring your vision to life
  • SOLID understanding of design and execution.  My favorite wedding planner, By Love Events and Design, has incredible design skills!
  • the know how to steer you to the venue that fits your aesthetic (a modern, chic wedding will not fit well in certain venues and your wedding planner can help you find the right fit!). Now that we have defined just some of the many traits of a great wedding planner, let’s go into the 5 reasons to hire a wedding planner.

#1 An Experienced Wedding Planner will be your advocate

Many couples will settle for their venue’s day of coordinator and while that may work to a certain degree, a venue’s coordinator typically has the best interest of the venue in mind instead of the couple.  Having your own personal wedding planner that will have YOUR best interest in mind is invaluable. 

5 reasons to hire a wedding planner Michael and Jasmine Photography

#2 Less Questions and Chaos Directed Towards You on Your Wedding Day

Okay so, I’m in the middle of photographing the bride putting on her earrings and all of a sudden, someone comes in and asks the bride where the arch is supposed to go!  She stops, tries to explain for the 5th time where the arch is supposed to be, and then turns around to focus back to pictures.  Whew!  YES!  This has happened SO many times and often, the bride and groom get overwhelmed with the never ending questions!  A wedding planner will act as the go to person and will even make executive decisions when needed!  This frees up the couple to fully enjoy their wedding AND their investments.

#3 Planners not only help plan, they help execute your vision

As I stated earlier, a good planner has a strong knowledge of design!  This is important to ensure your wedding is cohesive and all your details fit!  Your venue, wedding colors, invitation suite, linens, and decor all should flow together to give your wedding a solid and identifiable aesthetic and your wedding planner will make sure all those things fit beautifully together.

*Yolonda of By Love Events and Design*

#4 They help set realistic goals

This is important especially when we are talking about your budget.  Your wedding planner will help you make the best choices based on your budget so that you aren’t overspending!

#5 Wedding Planners are Amazing support systems

Your Wedding planner will be by your side from the very beginning and all the way until the end!  Your will work closely with your planner more than any other wedding vendor!  They listen to your concerns, calm your anxiety, and cheer you on as you inch closer to your wedding day!





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